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Used Bottling Line

Used Liquid Bottling Line Equipment

Used Bottling Line

This is a liquid filling line which was originally pre owned. It includes an automatic positive displacement line of filling consisting of 4 heads manufactured from stainless steel and built in the year 2008.

Used Tablet Capsule Bottling Line Machinery

Tablet Capsule Bottling Line

This used tablet capsule bottling line includes an unscrambler, electronic counter, induction sealer, stainless steel conveyors, a hostamp labeler, leaflet inserter, and more.

Capping Machines

Used SureKap Capping Machine and Capper Machines

Used SureKap Capping Machine

Used Capping Machine Available with the following features:

  • Automatic Spindle Capper of the model Sure Kap having 3 stations.
  • The model under discussion is SK 6000 – SP
Used ELF Capping Machine and ELF Cappers

Used ELF Capper

Used ELF Capping Machine Available with the following features:

  • The model is ACT 6000.
  • There are three spindle wheel sets provided.
  • Double cap stabilizer included with the SS cap chute which can be adjusted as required.
Used Capping Machine EPAK and Capper EPAK

Used Capping Machine EPAK (used capper epak)

  • Capper is of EPAK technology
  • Specially designed for flat and sport caps of 28 mm dia and capping at a speed of 130 bpm.
  • The belts are provided with double gripper

KISS Capper (Capping Machine)

The availability of used capping

  • VACT – 06 is the model that we offer for the 3 station kiss capper machine.
  • Three sets of spindle wheels are provided which can be easily adjusted along with a pair of controls for the air clutch.

Used Capsule Fillers

Pre-Owned KISS Capper and Used KISS Capping Machines

Used Bosch Capsule Filler

This a capsule filler that we preowned. It was made by Bosch Company. The model is Automatic Capsule Filler GKF – 400. It’s provided along with a vacuum pump. There is no requirement for any change parts.

Used Filling Machines

Pre-Owned, Used ELF Liquid Filling Machinery

ELF Liquid Filling Machine

This used Elf Liquid Filling Machine comes with 6 heads. Natronics Equipment provides a wide variety of used pharmaceutical equipment.

Used ELF Gravity Filling Machine and ELF Gravity Fillers

Used ELF Gravity Filling Machine

This is a used Elf Gravity Filling Machine. It comes with 6 heads along with a conveyor having a length of 10 feet. It was used previously for the purpose of filling cleaners.

Used Tablet Counters

Used Cremer Tablet Counter Model CF-1220 For Sale

Used Cremer Tablet Counter

The Cremer CF-1220 counter contains a detection unit with 12 channels. It exhibits a single-track conveyor which is used for transporting containers in to and out of the conveyor.