Induction Sealer Sizing Chart

Cap Size
1kW Unifoiler
2kW Unifoiler
4kW Unifoiler
6kW Unifoiler
Up to 30 FPM
Up to 180 FPM
Up to 40 FPM
Up to 150 FPM
Up to 30 FPM
Up to 90 FPM
Up to 200 FPM
Up to 25 FPM
Up to 65 FPM
Up to 150 FPM
Up to 20 FPM
Up to 45 FPM
Up to 110 FPM
Up to 150 FPM
Up to 15 FPM
Up to 25 FPM
Up to 70 FPM
Up to 110 FPM
FPM is conveyor feet per minute. The formula to approximate BMP (bottles/minute) to FPM is:

FPM= BPM x spacing in inches ÷ 12

Spacing can be defined as the length between two consecutive cap centers. 

The speed estimates depend upon many issues and particularly at a condition when the caps are touching along the entire length of the coil for sealing. May be it is not possible to create a perfect packaging environment in practical field, but the theoretical approach need to followed for providing a common guideline. For instance, the caps should be smaller than the bottle providing cap spaces in between. In case of some caps the cap space will be eligible when the conveyor velocity is very high.

Note: These are just estimations. Maximum speed of a type of induction sealers depend upon various influencing factors, all of which need to be considered before determination of an approximately accurate speed rate.

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