The Series 3 that we offer is available in a variety of configurations with respect to speed. The Top and Bottom Labeling Machine by ALP has the ability to create labels anywhere on the container and has acquired a record reputation throughout the pioneering packaging industries throughout the world.

Top and Bottom Labeling Equipment Tron ModelTop and Bottom Labeling Machine (TR 5000)

High Performance Labeling Machine Features:

Product Flexibility:

  • This series has a 7.5″W x 10’L heavy duty conveyor. The label heads are able to hold up to 9″W label web. Owing to these standard features, this series is capable of operating on a large variety of products of different sizes and shapes.
  • Product Size varies from 5ml vial to 10 gallon pail.
  • The shape of the products can be of any geometrical orientation.
  • This machine works perfectly on all kinds of products with variable materials.
  • The industrial use of this machine cannot be limited within a few and operates flawlessly on different functioning industries.

Flexibility in Labelling:

  • The size of labeling varies from a minimum of 1/2″h x 1/2″ L to a maximum of 10″h x 39″L.
  • The labeling can be applied on any part of the container under filling and irrespective of the shape and size of the container.
  • Integrated Options: There are options for thermal printing and applying of UPC bar coding, coding for hot stamps and such other labeling categories.
  • The labeling material can be opaque, clear or foil labels.
  • Used in a wide range of industries for multifarious productions.

Comprehensive Manuals:

  • Overview – This manual presents the PS labeling process to the new owners of the machine.
  • Physical Setup – Helps to set up the mechanical parts of the labeler with colored images.
  • Touch Panel Setup – Shows the process of adjusting using the interface for operator.
  • Troubleshooting Guide – Helps the operator to fix minor troubles and problems that can be easily fixed in simple methods.
  • CAD Drawing/Parts list – Shows drawing and parts list for every single removable part of the machine
  • Wire Schematics – Includes the total layout for electronic wiring involved in each part of the machine.

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