Semi Automatic Tamp Labeling Machine Model 3000TSemi Automatic Tamp Labeling Machine (ALP 3000T)

This is a labeling machine that is available at a very reasonable cost and guarantees very easy and reliable labeling mechanism that can be used for industrial productions. More than 30 years of experience has provided the flawless design and operation system of this machine imposing a higher esteem to the equipment.

Key Benefits:

  • The machine consists of a Standard Photo Eye
  • The machine has been built with a frame composed of solid steel
  • The benefits of Solid State Electronics are conveyed within the machine for better performance and quality function.


  • Accuracy of the machine varies by a maximum of 1/32″
  • Minimum Label Size that can be created by this machine is 1/2″ x 1/2″
  • Maximum Label Size that can be created by this machine is 5″ x 5″
  • This machine supports a Maximum Roll Diameter of 12″
  • Core Size of the labeling machine is about 3″

Optional Accessories:

  1. Label Kit having a width of 7″
  2. Vacuum Pads that can be customized.
  3. Universal Product Fixture
  4. Label Counter
  5. Imprinter of Hot Stamp
  6. Clear Label Photo Cell
  7. Extended Stroke Tamp Cylinder
  8. Product Fixture that can be modified

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