Check out our Automatic Tube Filling Machines for metal tubes which have been especially intended for the production of impeccable quality in the filled of tube filling and sealing. These machines can work at breathtaking pace filling up to a number of 90 tubes in a single minute.

Automatic tube filler for metal tubesTube Filling Machine – Metal Tubes (VF-80II)

Main Functions:

The compatible types of tubes are composed of different metals. The control technology is on a color touch screen panel. The model of the control system is Siemens S7-700 PLC. For controlling the speed of production, there is the Siemens Variable Speed Converter. The machine loads the tubes, washes them, positions them, fills them, seals them and finally performs hot stamping. The loading and washing are done through pneumatic procedures. The design is such that it can handle rough use with extremely comfortable mode of operation and requiring very simple maintenance work. There are photoelectric sensors which are capable to control the position of the tubes. The alarm will alert the workers whenever the machine detects the absence of a tube and stops the filling procedure. The fillers for metal tubes are sealed in different forms depending upon the requirements. For adjusting and cleaning the machine, there is no need of any separate tools. The package consists of features which allow safe production and protection during overload. The contact parts of the machine are all manufactured from high quality stainless steel and compliant with cGMP standards.


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