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  • Item CPT V120 Vision Counter for Gummies
  • Category Softgel
  • Manufacturer CPT
  • Model V120 – Gummies


Gummies flow forward in bulk through six vibrating troughs until spilling over a waterfall drop

High-speed, high-resolution camera combined with a high-powered CPU counts gummies with 100% accuracy using revolutionary imaging technology as it spills, resulting in “double” the output of a comparable 12 track counter

Compact design offers the best capacity/foot print ratio of any gummy counter available giving you a more flexible production line layout

Camera is always free of dust contamination Easily identifies and rejects defective gummies

Trough design easily handles odd gummy shapes and sizes

Costs less than competitive gummy counters


Speed: Max 12,000 gummy pieces per minute Max 120 bottles per minutes 100% pre-counts (no slowing for count completion)

Accuracy: 100%

Product size: 2mm thickness / diameter 30mm length / diameter

Products: Gummies, tablets, pills, capsules, wrapped candy and products, and odd shapes such as dried fruit or nuts

Power: 120V / 1PH / 50-60 Hz / 14.5 Amps

Air Supply: For product rejection

Compliance: CE, CFR21 Part 11, and cGMP

Dimensions: 750W x 1163D x 2117H

Weight: 1650 lbs

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