The design of these models are absolutely perfect for filling pellets, powder or granular materials into hard gelatin capsules.

Automatic Capsule Filler Machine VAF ModelsAutomatic Capsule Fillers (VAF 900/1200/2000C)

This machine possesses highly durable and reliable encapsulators that are capable of filling dosages to the maximum accuracy. The operation process is very smooth with minute noise level and has simple operation with easy maintenance. The aim of building these machines was to meet the demands of the worlds most advanced encapsulating production

High quality stainless steel has been used to manufacture each part ensuring the current GMP Standard. Siemens, Nippon, Delta and other G-7 made electrical devices and components have been used here.

The filling dosage is adjustable and based on volume needs, the medicine powder can be filled. Each of the encapsulators are provided with a set of changeable parts in the size of capsules, a built-in air compressor, a water cooling system and a unit for dust collection.

Dosing Filling Process:

  1. The compression of the powder column is 1/5 thickness of dosing disk.
  2. The compression of the powder column is 2/5 thickness of dosing disk.
  3. The compression of the powder column is 3/5 thickness of dosing disk.
  4. The compression of the powder column is 4/5 thickness of dosing disk.
  5. The compression of the powder column is the same as the thickness of dosing disk.
  6. The compressed powder column of proper dosage is ejected to capsule.

Functional Process:

  • The capsules are chronologically fed to segments, a vacuum station separates the cap and body.
  • Transportation
  • Separation of Cap and Body and preparation for filling.
  • Filling of Powder Column
  • Filling of tablet and optional pellet
  • Ejection of faulty capsules
  • Transportation
  • Capsule body and cap joining
  • Ejection of final product
  • Segment cleaning.
 Model  VAF-900C  VAF-1200C  VAF-2000C
 Capacity  900 capsules/min  1200 capsules/min  2000 capsules/min
 Filling Precision  > 98%

 220V/380V,  50/60Hz, 3-Phases,  3KW

 Noise  80dBA
 Dimension  700(28”) x 900(35”) x 1800(71”) mm
 Net Weight                                 900 kg (1,980lbs)
1200 kg (2,640 lbs)

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