Ideal for producing 1800-2000 capsules per minute.

The VAF-1800E and VAF-2000E High Speed Capsule Fillers is proud to bring in front of you VAF-E Series which involves delicate and accurate dosing of hard gelatin or vegetable capsules with medicating particles.

VAF-2000E Capsule Filler Machine High SpeedCapsule Filling Machine High Speed (VAF 1800-2000E)

The base model was VAF-2000C, which has been improved with the latest technology incorporating ultra efficient gear drives, dosing stations within total enclosures, rotating table, highly efficient capsule fillers with reduced energy consumption. SIEMENS HMI (Human Machine Interface) and a Color SIEMENS Touch Screen Control Panel of 10.5 inch is introduced in every single unit. The capsules produced have varying sizes. Above all, our productions are widely praised accepted by our clients throughout the world.

These machines require low maintenance. The components are delicate and are all electronic and mechanical. The Encapsulators that we provide are of cGMP Standard and certified by ISO 9001.

Dosing Filling Process:

The powder column is gradually compressed to 1/5, 2/5, 3/5 and 4/5 parts of the thickness of the dosing disk, ending with the ejection of proper dose of column to the capsule.

Functional Process:

The capsules are gradually inserted in segments. The cap and the body is distinguished by the help of a vacuum station. Transportation of the capsules is the next step. Then the cap and body are separated to prepare the filling process. The tablet and other granular materials are filled with the desired materials. At this time the capsules with errors are ejected. After another transportation process, the capsule body and the cap are joint. Finally, the end product is ejected. The segments are then cleaned for next session.


 Model  VAF-1800E  VAF-2000E
 Filling Type  Powder/Pellet/Granules  Powder/Pellet/Granules
 Capacity  108,000 Capsules/hour  120,000 Capsules/hour
 Power  220V/380V  50/60Hz  3 Phases 3.5KW  220V/480V  50/60Hz  3 Phases  5KW
 Noise Target  <78dBA  <78dBA
 Dimension (LxHxW)   1410mm x 1320mm x 2000mm or 55″ x 52″x 79″‘
 Net Weight                   1800 kg (3,960lbs)

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