12 Channel Tablet Counters Model VC-12

VC-12 Electronic Tablet Counter
(up to 50bpm)

The VC-12 sets a new standard for the Industry. With its heavy duty construction and tooless teardown, the Value Count will give you outstanding production. With a PLC controller and a color touchscreen with a 100 recipe storage, the VC-12 has all the top features. Using laser scanners and PLC logic gives extreme count accuracy. CALL TODAY FOR LOW, LOW PRICE!

Standard Features:

  • Accurate counts
  • Two tray system (12 counting lines)
  • Motorized height adjustment
  • Pneumatically controlled quick release feeder trays
  • Minimal contact parts to clean
  • CGMP design
  • Recipe storage
  • User-friendly touch screen interface (color)
  • Front and rear vacuum manifolds
  • Bottle detection sensors

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