If you need a filler for a small scale production or even to keep a filler as back up equipment, we are proudly presenting our Semi Automatic Piston Filler, perfect for you needs.

Semi-automatic liquid filler dual headSemi-Auto Piston Filler Hopper with Single HeadSemi-Automatic Piston Filler (ALP Liqui-fill)

Check our Piston Fillers from the Liqui-fill series, which has been engineered to fill a large number of liquid and semi liquid variety of products and are amazingly efficient for filling uses in cosmetic, food and other chemical productions.


  • All the parts are manufactured from 316L stainless steel material
  • The nozzles allow zero dripping
  • The process of assembly and dis-assembly are very fast and easy
  • The operations are mostly pneumatic
  • The machine exhibits very high portability
  • Warranty of 1 year is provided with the instrument


  • The requirements for air pressure is between 70-100 psi
  • The air volume requirements are between 3-5 cfm
  • The machine can fill up to 30 bottles in a minute
  • The filling precision is about 90%
  • The range of filling is up to 5 liters
Model Name Filling Range
ALP-1060S 5~60ml (0.16~2oz.)
ALP-1125S 10~125ml (0.33~4.2oz.)
ALP-1250S 25~250ml (0.84~8.45oz.)
ALP-1500S 50-500ml (1.7~16.9oz.)
ALP-11000S 100~1000ml (3~34oz.)
ALP-12500S 250~2500ml (8~85oz.)
ALP-15000S 500~5000 (17~170oz.)

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