Single head chuck capper capping machine equipment soldFeatures:

  • There will be no capping without bottles.
  • The loading system is only for caps that are vibrating.
  • cGMP standard authenticated parts manufactured from stainless steel.
  • Parts can be easily changed and put to multiple uses for multiple sized bottles and caps.


The cap is turned by a mechanical arm which turns at a right angle to place the cap on the capping position right below the capping head. Absolutely perfect operation is completed with distinct capping design. The capping head houses an adjustable clamp which allows minimum error. The capping head manages the allowed error and its clamp holds the cap tightly in its rightful position.


  1. Dimension is 7′ 2″ x 10′ x 6’11”
  2. Consumption of air is 4 bar
  3. Powered by 1.6 HP
  4. The required air pressure is 60 psi
  5. Can generate an output of 1800 – 3000 bottles in an hour

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