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  • Item R&D 4″ Production Softgel System
  • Category Blending & Mixing
  • Manufacturer CPT
  • Model R&D 4″ Production Softgel System


Since Vgel is more viscous than standard animal gelatin, Vgel gelatin encapsulation machines are designed to support higher temperatures during production.

CPT Softgel Production System is a space saving, stand alone R&D softgel encapsulation system capable of full production duties. With speeds up to 5 RPM and production up to 28,000 capsules per hour, the 4″ Production System is extremely versatile. For small to medium size batches, the Pilot Plant can’t be beat!

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Standard and Vgel options available.

  • TypeAutomatic
  • Dimension1050 x 650 x 1800mm
  • WeightNet 500Kgs
  • PowerMax. 12.5Kw

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