This type of Tablet Counter is very much suitable for running small businesses or for small scale use in laboratories.

Semi Automatic Tablet Counter Model SC-301Semi Automatic Tablet Counter (SC-301)


  1. The construction is in stainless steel ensuring the compliance with cGMP standard.
  2. At first, the tablets or capsules are dropped into a table which turns and then they are passed across the nozzles for counting. Before their exit, some tests are performed both optically and electronically to ensure the accuracy of calculation.
  3. In this type of counter, the quantity can be fixed. As such, the number of particles, irrespective of their sizes, can be calculated with great accuracy as well as filling of bottles and bags is also possible with this counter.
  4. There are options for the equipment that can catch dust.
  5. Transparent capsules can be calculated without replacement of PC boards.
  6. Easy replacement is ensured by the association of different modules.
 Model  SC 301
 Tablets  5mm = 160,000
10mm = 90,000
 Capsule  #1: 50,000
#4: 70,000
 Dimension (L x W x H mm)  760″ x 660″ x 700″
 Weight  50Kg / 110 lbs
 Power Source

 AC 220V 50/60Hz 1Phz

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