Tube Labeling Machines and Tube Labelers for Sale ONlineDetailed Info

The technology of Tube Labeling Machine is highly advanced combining with the electronic components that it exhibits which work under high power sources. The precise labeling is achieved using an inertia servo motor which is practically very small in size. The professionals have approved the system of mechanism in this machine as highly reliable and responsive. The controller of the program and the servo system is great in establishing successful communication between man and the machine through the very responsive touch screen control panel. The main machine is so precise that it can perform labeling instructions with an accuracy of up to 0.01 meter in a minute.

Machine Specification:

  1. Label speed                                                 40-60 tubes/min
  2. Weight                                                         300kgs
  3. Label diameter (Max.)                                 ф350mm
  4. Tube length (Max.)                                       220mm
  5. Tube diameter (Max.)                                  ф65mm
  6. Power                                                          220V 50Hz 3000W
  7. Label width (Max.)                                       200mm
  8. Label Reel Core Diameter                          ф76.2mm
  9. Tube diameter (Min.)                                   ф19mm
  10. Label accuracy                                           ±0.5mm