Tabletop Pump Filler (CCTP)

This is a Single Head Positive Displacement Gear Pump Filler which can also be used with a Piston Pump. This can be used from any firm plain surface and is a great machine for satisfying your demands at a relatively low investment for a highly qualified machine. This filler exhibits a gear pump which can be programmed to operate with a large variety of containers irrespective of their sizes. Your filling operation will be totally within your controls and provide excellent output once you’ve chosen to enjoy the benefits offered by this machine.

This machine should definitely not be used for the filling any kind of liquid which is highly flammable. Before shipping to you, we will verify the performance of each and every single unit. You’ll be requested to provide us a minimum of one gallon liquid product that you’ll be using this machine to fill along with the respective filling containers up to a certain number on the basis of the container shapes and sizes.

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