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Induction Sealers

Natronics Equipment offers you the just induction sealer that you need, suitable for multiple purposes. The sealers that we provide has the capacity to seal caps from 10mm to 120mm. You can choose from our range of inductions sealers with hand held models as well as a good number of automatic induction sealers. Owing to the unparalleled devotion to quality and impeccable engineering skills, the induction sealing equipment that we offer, are topping with the highest performance level in the industry of induction-sealers.

Induction Sealers

Automatic Induction Sealer Unfoiler Series

Automatic Induction Sealer

Natronics Equipment’s most renowned and demanded waterless induction sealer is The Unifoiler Series. Owing to the unparalleled devotion to quality products and engineering skills, we provide the highest level of performance with our induction sealing equipment.

Hand-Held Induction Sealer Portable Size

Hand held Induction Sealer

This is a manual hand held induction sealer, small in size and can be used for multiple sealing of different sized bottles and caps. By placing the coil on the cap, the button is to be pressed and the operation will begin with absolute perfection.