Pre-Owned ELF Capper and ELF Capping Machines for SaleUsed ELF Capper (Used ELF Capping Machine)

Used ELF Capping Machine Available with the following features:

  • The model is ACT 6000.
  • There are three spindle wheel sets provided.
  • Double cap stabilizer included with the SS cap chute which can be adjusted as required.
  • The gripper belts have a width of 3/4″.
  • The speed of gripper belts and the spindles can be controlled separately.
  • The capper head allows adjusting the power and height.
  • The C-shape frame is composed of stainless steel material and is directed from right to left.
  • There is a 21″ SS Vibratory Bowl which can be customized to operate on caps from 43 0 20 mm with an average speed of operation on more than 100 caps in a minute.

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