Automatic Inline Spindle Capper features a total of 4 stations. This machine has been designed for capping larger caps and at a great speed.

Automatic Inline Spindle Capper and Capping Machines for SaleAutomatic Inline Spindle Capper (EP4000 Capper)

These cappers have high durability and can be used for various functions. These functions can be applied by capping up to 120 caps in one minute. There are gripping belts which help the container in the correct path through the capper and at that spot the caps are spun into positions by three groups of disks made of polyurethane. The cap torque is controlled by an air clutch.

The capper can adjust heights ranging from 2 to 14 inches. The supported cap diameters are within 10 mm and 115 mm. To meet your particular cap and combination of the container, there are a huge variety of adjustments available for individual parts.

The NEMA 4 electrical enclosure allows easy controls and operating mechanism by the operator. Sometimes extra controls for conveyors and other such machine parts can be added to the control panel. Capper solution is automated with the help of a bowl used for vibratory selection that can be added if required.


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